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A Story

I was in high school and went on a date with my girlfriend and her family to a nice restaurant that I had frequented several times. I loved the food, and I always like to try different food. I ordered a southwestern dish called rattlesnake pasta. I took about three bites and it was wonderful. On the fourth bite something awful happened. The food tasted rancid and awful, and it felt like my throat closed. I gagged and thought I was going to vomit on the place settings. I asked my girlfriend to try a bite, and she thought it was wonderful. I took a few drinks of tea, collected my wits, and took another bite. The rattlesnake pasta bit me again. That was my first encounter with cilantro. Since I had no idea what the problem was it took about three more similar encounters before I correctly diagnosed the problem. I have always thought I might be allergic to this awful substance, but it was not until today when I found this website and read the stories that I realized I was not alone. It is good to know others have similar experiences, because people have always acted like I was a little crazy when I talked about my reaction to/dislike of cilantro.