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A Story

One day I bought this mixed lettuce with fresh herbs for my lunchtime salad. The "fresh herbs" was written very small and the lettuce box looked identical to the normal lettuce I usually buy. Anyways, I prepared my salad as I normally would and then took a bite. The first bite was fine, and I think so was the second but then on that third bite I tasted something that gave me the shivers. At that time I had no idea what it was because as I stated earlier the box said "fresh herbs". I remember trying to pick out the small herbs trying to figure out which one it was that I was to avoid. I wasn't able to because for some reason the cilantro acts as a camouflage with lettuce and it really blends in. Later on in life, I was at a Thai restaurant and that familiar taste crept back into my memory and I discovered that it was in fact CILANTRO. Ever since that time I have avoided it like the plague. When I even take a whiff of that "herb" I begin to shudder. It literally makes me stop in my tracks and takes a few moments to recuperate. How people claim to like that stuff is beyond me. I started thinking that maybe it was because it is quite popular in restaurants or maybe because the word sounds classy. Whatever the case may be, it is absolutely revolting and has caused me to see if there were others who felt the same way as I.....