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A Story

I encountered the Dirty Dish Water plant several times before realizing what was making all the food taste horrible. First was at Qdoba, I never understood why everyone seemed to love it so much, while I couldn't stand it! The second few times were at this local Mexican restaurant. The first few bites of salsa were okay, and then suddenly I'm thinking "Oh my God, this tastes horrible!!!" while I'm watching everyone else stuff their faces with huge heaping piles of salsa with delight. I insisted that the salsa dishes must have been soaked in Dirty Dish Water. After repeated attempts of trying this "wonderful salsa" I finally figured out that's what it was! Even now that I know what Cilantro is, I have still found myself taking the accidental bite of food with hidden cilantro! I think all foods should come with a warning label indicating that the Cilantro is in there!!! It's soooo disgusting!!!