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A Story

Before the early nineteen eighties, Mexican food never had cilantro in it. I remember the first time I tasted it. I was out with friends, and the cook, under the influence of some unclean spirit, had flavored my dish with cilantro. At the second bite I thought, "Ohmigosh, they must have used something spoiled to make this." I just couldn't figure out where the awful taste was coming from, though there seemed to be a lot of parsley in the dish. The stuff tasted like death to me. I'm serious. My reaction was that strong. Ever since then it appears in more and more Mexican recipes and also nouvelle Pacific cuisine. Gosh I hate this stuff. It tastes so horrible. I mean, outside of invoking the putrefaction of week-old corpses, I can't even think of a way to describe how vile it tastes. And the funny thing is that its seed, coriander, is a flavor I love. Who would have thought such vileness would be in the leaves of the plant produced by such a wonderful seed?