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A Story

So, I was pretty young, at the taste of Cincinnati with my family. We all decided to try the dish that had been voted best of taste that year. It happened to be the cold sesame noodles from a little known restaurant. They were utterly fantastic. Until I had a bite, then freaked out. What the hell was in my noodles? I took a second look at my dish and saw all of the tiny green parsley-esque bits covering my otherwise delicious noodles. After I told my older brothers and parents that I couldn't eat anymore due to what I came to know was cilantro, my oldest brother took the remains and scarfed it down, remarking on the fresh flavor that the herb adds.

To this day I am still ridiculed by my family for not being able to enjoy cilantro. I have lived with this lack of sympathy going on ten years now.

Thank you I Hate!