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A Story

Well, it's a story, but rather a poem. I am sure all identify...

Love & Not

Garlic is so pungent
Parsley so green
Saffron is refulgent
but one spice is obscene.

Put some nutmeg in egg nog
Sprinkle rosemary on eggs.
Include allspice in grog
Mix with juniper & drink a keg.

I love pizza with oregano
Yoghurt with dill
Take clove in cointreaux
That said, one spice is just nil.

So this is a poem about love
& my gut sings out in lust
For so many of the above
But one spice is ludicrous.

Cinnamon, ginger, cardamom bring ecstasy,
Their Ingestion is certainly a good deed
However one spice is downright nasty.
It's called Cilantro that noxious weed.