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A Story

I lived in Richmond, VA for a year and one of my first weeks there we decided to go to a trendy popular little place called Sticky Rice. It had great reviews. So I start eating my food. First bite, fine. Second bite, ugh....what IS that?! I thought the bean sprouts had gone bad or something. I knew it wasn't dish soap cause it was in a to-go cup. Needless to say a couple bites in and a gave up and gave my food to my friend who thought it was great. Then I started serving at the California Pizza Kitchen. For server training we had to try everything on the menu and know all the ingredients. Everything that had cilantro in it made me want to puke. Awful. I could really eat anything else they gave us. This is how i found out that cilantro was the soapy culprit. The worst part was when the prep cooks would cut the fresh stuff in the back and I would walk back there without knowing. It was like walking into a wall. Ugh. I hate that stuff. I am so glad there are others who understand.