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A Story

I came across this site when I googled Cilantro. I had just gone to dinner the night before. It was a friend who took a group of us out as a "thank-you". We went to an expensive new restaurant where I knew the food was good, maybe not great by my standards, but better than average. The soup I ordered was a lobster broth and was riddled with cilantro. I already knew that I had a strong aversion to this herb, but I didn't notice it in the first couple of bites. However, once I did I tried to give it away to me husband. He didn't want it as he had his own app. I managed to choke the soup down trying to avoid the nasty green leaves as best I could.

I have read now that others relate the taste to "soap", but I have got to say, all I can think of with the first wiff is a "wet dog" and the taste that follows makes me want to gag. Glad to know I'm not crazy.

_P.S. I love coriander.