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A Story

I grew up in New Mexico in the 50's and 60's. As far as I know, this disgusting weed was unknown there. It was only when I moved to California, I discovered the foul taste. I had no clue as to why I hated Mexican food in California when I grew up loving it in New Mexico and west Texas, other than it tasted totally different. I put it off to it being California in the mid 60's, possibly a failed "druggie" experiment in mind alteration. I just quit eating Mexican food.

Being in the Navy, I was transferred to Iceland. My new wife came with me. She knew how to cook southern food (fried everything!) and some Cajun. But we had a Betty Crocker cookbook and she tried a Mexican dish, which I loved. Mystification arose as to why I liked it again. Another recipe, this one terrible. The only major difference I could see was cilantro. Tried that recipe again without cilantro and loved it. Mystery solved.

So I avoid it now, as best I can. Of course, my wife and daughters dislike it too (must be inherited).

BUT WAIT! There is a new disaster happening and we need to take action against it now. Warn everyone you know about epazote. This is literally a weed that is taking over the world. If you make the mistake of planting it, it even chokes out kudzu, a type of ground cover similar to ivy, which nothing else can do.

Epazote rivals cilantro in the taste terrible department. I saw Emeril use it one night and decided someone needed to protest. I propose renaming this site to Stand up and fight now or suffer in the future.