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A Story

My first cilantro experience was when I was on spring break in Cancun. We had met some girls and went to dinner with them. I ordered ceviche, a Chilean raw fish dish, as an appetizer. I dove into it when it arrived and nearly gagged at the taste. I couldn't believe how bad it was. Maybe half of us had ordered appetizers, so others were just waiting for their food and watching us. I didn't want to look strange or fussy or anything, so I tried to have some of it. I have eaten in all types of restaurants, had the Chinese 'century eggs', eaten things that were somewhat burned, and am pretty adventurous about food in the first place--hey, I was ordering raw fish in Mexico--but I honestly could not eat any of the ceviche. That is the only time in my life--other than my experience with caraway--that this has ever happened. This weed must be destroyed.