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A Story

I grew up in a household and even worse, community that reveres cilantro (i'm indian). From as far back as I can remember I've hated cilantro. I wouldn't come downstairs if I could smell it in the kitchen. (I have superhuman senses when it comes to the disgusting leaf). What's worse is that I love food from all different nations, including the ones that feel they can't cook without it. Growing up, I would actually throw up when my mom would try to sneak it in my food or accidently touched a spoon with the same hands that touched cilantro. I have heard my whole life, including from my husband and his family, how weird I am for not enjoying the taste. Last weeekend my sisters friend, a fellow cilantro hater, told me about this website. What a relief that I'm not the only person in this world who hates cilantro. I am still waiting for another Indian who can't stand it. Anyways, thanks for the site.