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A Story

Wow..Where have you been all my life? I've been looking for a site like this for a long time. *sigh of relief*

So my first memory of cilantro destroyed my childhood. Unlike most people who had fully developed adult thought processes, I was scarred by the toxic green.

I come from a Chinese family and the authentic stuff ususally contains cilantro in most of its dishes. My mom rarely used it though, but one day she decided to use it in our meatballs. Alot of it.

I took one bite at dinner to reveal the nuclear core, leafy greens sprouting out where i last bit. Mouthful of meat and greens, yet all i could taste waste this leathery, acidy, slippery, foul...taste. At that point i impulsively spat it out and made a dash for the sink to rinse my mouth. It stuck like stink.

Since then, my senses has been highly attuned to it. At first i'd have to take a bite into something with it. Even the slightest tiny leaf in a mouth full of food would ruin that bite. Soon, i could tell if there was cilantro by just smelling.

The smelling became some focused that i could sometimes smell it carried across a restaurant by a waiter. I still instantly gag when i smell it. My ears tear up, my throat becomes very tight, and my stomach is ready to leap out of my mouth.

What bugs me the most is my friends can't taste the damn stuff. They think im queer, but what do they know. I'm finally home. Thank you.