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A Story

I always wondered what it was, in some foods, that had a metalic taste. It seemed to be most often in Mexican foods. One evening a coworker asked if I wanted to go to a vietnamese restaurant. I like trying new foods, so I was excited to go. I ordered a spring roll, and my friend asked, "Do you like cilantro?" I had never eaten just cilantro before. If I had had it in something, I wasn't sure what caused certain flavors that I liked or disliked. She suggested that I ask to have it on the side. "It divides the population. Some people find it a mild fresh flavor, and it causes a chemical reaction in others that must be unpleasant," she said. I did as she suggested, but now I was very curious. I had long suspected cilantro, trying to pick through picante sauce to see what was causing that "chewing on aluminum foil" taste. Being that juices had mixed together, I was hard to isolate, and I was never sure. Now was my chance. Dinner was served, I grabbed a good pinch of cilantro, and started to chew. If you have never chewed on aluminum foil (I don't know if you need to have fillings to experience it or not.), it is what cilantro "tastes" like to me. It is not really a taste, or a texture; it is more of a sensation - a unpleasant sensation.