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A Story

I went to this very upscale Mexican resturant by the UN in new york city. I was excitied to explore this cusine. I was 23 at the time dating an older man and he ordered everything for me ( I trusted his choices considering he is a foodie). We started off with guacolmole (which they made infornt of us), I was excited I never have tried it before. Immediately I didnt like it. I couldnt put my finger on what was the taste that I didnt like. Then we shared a lobster stuff raviolo with a green sauce and i couldnt bare the taste. I felt like I was going to die! And thats when I was introduced to that plague of word CILANTRO! He helped me narrow it down. Eversince that day I relized how much food contained that ingredient. What did I do before this new discovery? I dont even know, what I do know is that there is no turning back. I cant take the smell or taste. Whats even weirder is that I dont even know what it taste like to me. I felt as if something is wrong with me because EVERYONE love cilantro as i was told. It feels so great to see this website its even a bit thanks for letting me share my story.