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A Story

Even as a child, everything I ordered from taco bell was ordered with 'NO pico de guillo'. If they screwed up and put it on the food, it was inedible. Even removing it by hand left the essence of the putrid taste. I didnt know why. I liked tomatoes and onions. I thrived on jalapenos. Why did Taco Bell's little salsa mix taste like rancid dirty dish-water?

It wasnt until after I moved out of my parent's house and into my first apartment when I was 19. It was then that I first discovered what the cause of that familiar unpleasant taste was. I ordered a simple cheese enchelada from a small mexican food restaurant in Dallas and the first bite nearly killed me. I immediately recognized that taco-bell dishwater lingering flavor. I KNEW it wasnt the cheese or the tortilla. I unwrapped the enchelada to expose nothing but gynormous mound of fresh chopped green herb sitting atop the cheese. I called for the waiter and asked what the foul green leaves were. I took IMEDIATE mental note when he replied "It's cilantro sir".

I was relieved that I had finally discovered the source of so many ruined meals. Cilantro has since been my worst enemy in cullinary discovery.