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A Story

I first ate the offending herbage at a Thai restaurant in Toronto when I was in my twenties (15 years ago now). The Pad Thai was delicious until I got this sudden flare of grossness that ground my taste buds to a screeching halt. It wasn't just the taste, it was the SMELL. It went straight to my sinuses and it reminded me of those playground corners where some kids peed in during the night and the next day there's this baked-in urine smell that won't go away. Yes, cilantro smells like old pee. My friends told me it was cilantro and thought i was a close-minded neanderthal for almost vomiting my entire meal right then and there. Those friends are gone, my hate for cilantro remains, I'm proud to say. I'm so happy to have found fellow haters. DOWN WITH CILANTRO