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A Story

When I was, maybe, 19, I went on a music retreat which was held at some hippie haven. They served burritos for dinner the first night we were there. I didn't think they were very good, but hey, I was hungry. Big mistake. Within two hours, I was vomiting and worse. Had to stay in bed for half of the next day, missing most of the music retreat. I of course assumed I had gotten food poisoning, but it was strange how no one else had gotten sick, out of about 15 people.

Some time later, I was at a restaurant and almost threw up from the food. This time, I realized the taste was cilantro. My family, however, didn't have trouble with it and thought I was being absurd. Who hates an herb?

I figured it was a taste aversion, and forced myself over the next 5 years to slowly eat more of it. It doesn't make me sick anymore, but I still am not fond of it. At any rate, maybe there is hope for some people, with intensive and dedicated therapy...

Here's my question: People here are talking about also having problems with Sweet & Low. Do they mean saccharin or aspartame? I don't have trouble with Sweet & Low (saccharin) but I have more and more trouble with Equal (aspartame) giving me headaches (especially in Crystal Lite). Apparently aspartame problems are related to really mild phenylketonuria. Maybe this is the same thing that cilantro is acting on?