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A Story

I like "Tumbleweed" retaurants. Actually, it's more the atmosphere than the food, since I am fully aware that they specialize in southwestern cuisine that often contains some amount of cilantro. So I stick with the usual... Bison burgers, steak or their yummy sweet potatoes. The service there is always good and they present you with tortilla chips with either hot or mild salsa. Up to this point, I have always enjoyed their hot salsa.

My husband and I dined there recently, and knowing that I never had a problem with their salsa, I dug into the dip. This time when I became repulsed, I didn't need an explanation as to why. When our waiter came over, I asked him when they started adding cilantro to their salsa. He said "Oh, it comes premixed in bags without cilantro, but we add it ourselves. It's really good that way, isn't it?" I told him that cilantro has a toxic, putrid taste to a certain subset of the population, and I'm one of them. I asked him if he ever got other complaints since they started tainting the appetizer with this noxious herb. He said "No, I haven't, and I've been here for several months." I told him that they should offer people a choice, "cilantro or cilantro-free". Then I asked him if they had some nacho cheese dip that I could have instead. He said yes, but apologetically added that it too, has cilantro in it.

I took a comment card home with me to fill out. I will be sure to add (along with my praise for the service and the food that I ordered) that I am highly disappointed with their decision to kill the salsa... and now, the nacho cheese!

Meanwhile, I'll continue to patronize them... they don't put cilantro in the menu items that I prefer. But from here on in, I'll order carefully and with suspicion!!!!