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A Story

I'm glad I found this website. To read like minded people relaying their experiences must be akin to alcoholics unburdening their problems at an AA meeting.

I've adored Indian food for over 40 years now, however it wasn't until 1978 when some work colleagues and I went for an Indian to celebrate a birthday and that was the first time I encountered the dreaded Coriander(Cilantro). I can only assume that the trend - in London at least - started about that time because prior to that I cannot remember tasting this vile leaf. It completely ruined the meal but I wasn't aware until a couple of curries later that it was the innocuous green leaf that was the guilty party. To me the taste was like somebody had poured the contents of a small bottle of Chanel, or some other perfume over my food, or ground down up a bunch of tulips and sprinkled thereon.

Perhaps in the event that cilantro lovers accidently run out of the dreaded leaf, then I feel the perfume option would be an acceptable alternative. Maybe they could replace Olive Oil on their salad with Chanel No.5 as well.

Sadly, it's not just Indian restaurants that liberally spread this disgusting leaf, even worse are the Thai restaurants. I envisage the day will come when I stop off for a full English breakfast but will have to insist "No Coriander please!"

I believe Stephen Fry once said on TV that he had an aversion to this stuff. For those of you around the world who don't know him, Stephen is a well known TV personality in the UK. It would be nice to get him to do a blog withis his wit and command of the English language.

Steve G.