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A Story

I was at a client lunch and was so excited about the Thai peanut chicken salad that I had ordered from The Cheesecake Factory. I had never eaten there before and I love anything (or so I thought) with peanut flavor. So I take a bite and I'll never forget the sensation of iron in my mouth. I truly thought that the restaurant had put a foreign substance in the salad and I could barely swallow the bite. I was totally miserable because I was hungry and really wanted the salad but could only pick at it. I couldn't undertstand why it tasted so bad because it seemed to have all the ingredients that I love. I told a colleague about my experience later and she suggested that it might have had cilantro in it--an herb that I had never heard of before. Since that time, I always tell the waiter at a new restaurant that I don't want any cilantro IN the dish or ON the dish. Whenever I forget to say that, it's INVARIABLY included. I hate it with white-hot heat of a million suns. Thanks for letting me vent about it. Great to find your site of like-minded cilantro-haters!