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A Story

My husband and I were traveling from South Carolina to Kerrville, Texas for my aunts 89th birthday party. We use her birthday as a time to reunite with family, as she is the last living sibling of my father's family. All the other cousins were coming too.

They came from Fla. and Ohio. A couple came from WV and we of course from SC.

My cousin had moved to Texas where the area had milder weather for her and her husband, but especially for my aunt as she is stricken badly with RA.

We are all from the East and Mid-West, i.e., Ohio. So we all wanted to get the full experience of being out West and wanted to taste everything we could, that was native to Texas and the cuisine.

My Husband I had stopped at a very nice retaurant before we got to Kerrville that advertised "authentic taste of Texas".

I order the chili of course. I make killer chili (very good)and wanted to compare to see it they could hold a light to mine.

When it arrived I saw the green leaves and thought it may be parsley. But they were cooked in with the chili not as a garnish. OMG!!!! When that taste, that god-awful taste hit me I was overwhelmed with nausea and almost didn't make it to the bathroom on time.

I was sick for the rest of the stay. Every time I hiccuped or had the slightest burp I could taste that cilantro. I thought I had some sort of foreign virus as I had never tasted anything as disgusting in my entire life. I actually thought it was food poison because of the after taste.

I love Mexican food, but if they even as much as chop my other veggies with the knife they have used on cilantro I can taste it and get violently ill.

I bet you this; if you put a horse or cow to graze in a field where it is grown they would not touch it.

My other cousins had similar reactions as I, but I was so sick from that god-awful weed I would not serve it to my worst enemy!

That's my "I hate cilantro story" and I am sticking to it and spreading the word. I would rather eat ground up pine needles!