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A Story

I knew I hated cilanthrax before I even tasted it. We were with friends at their favorite restaurant in Denver and I had ordered the 'fish pot'. It looked fantastic on the menu, I was starving, we were on vacation - couldn't wait. Finally the food came. I took off the lid. The fetid stench of cilantro immediately killed my appetite. Others at the table took a sniff and informed me: "Oh, that's cilantro!" with that glazed "and we think it's Yummy!" look in their eyes common to most cult members. 'Cilantro'.. Now I knew the name of this most foul thing. Since that awful day, it seems cilantro has spread faster than the Andromeda Strain throughout America. Today, I found this web site, and I know I am not alone. I know there IS hope. Change IS COMING America!!