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A Story

I, like many of you first experience cilantro in Mexican.

I could never figure out why I so detested salsa at "authentic" Mexican restaurants. As a child, I loved new and different foods. For what ever reason I couldn't eat the salsa.

Then around age 20 I went to this little cafe on Lark St. in Albany. It was a beautiful summer day. The soup of the day was gazpacho. I'd had gazpacho once before and loved it, so I ordered it. I noticed the green garnish, and like many of the uninitiated, thought it was parsley atop of the lovely multihued cup of cool soup.

One bite and I nearly spit it across the table. I had the immediate sensation of licking a 9 volt battery. Not an old 9 volt mind you, we're talking straight out of the package 9 volt. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure, perhaps you've chewed a piece of foil, the reaction is similar.

"What is that!" I shrieked, pointing at the foul tasting herb.

My friend across the table, shocked, given my propensity for eating odd and strange tasting foods replied, "It's just cilantro".

I've not had gazpacho at a restaurant since.

Thank you for giving us a voice, thank you!