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A Story

Several years ago,we were having friends over for a visit and my husband prepared fresh salsa which apparently had fresh cilantro in it. He asked me to taste it before everyone came over to see if it lacked anything or if anything was overpowering. I immediately tasted soap in the concoction and asked him if maybe he hadn't rinsed the bowl he prepared it in properly leaving a small bit of dish soap in it. He denied that and said that the salsa tasted fine to him. When our friends arrived they tasted the salsa and they said they loved it. I was sure they were just being polite because when I tasted it again, all I could taste was a soapy flavor. I avoided the salsa for the rest of the day.

Years later, I was reading about certain foods online and in one blog I read that cilantro tastes like soap to some people. I was so glad that I wasn't crazy! I also learned to definitely steer clear of cilantro!