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A Story

UGH!!! My first experience with all fairness, i had probably had cilantro before, in a salsa, or perhaps a burrito, could taste it there, but had no idea what it was, until i went to a traveling tournament softball game with my daughter, and all of the families got together for a pot luck. One of the other mothers brought me some chips and salsa. "You just have to try this!" I looked at what she called looked like it had been beaten to heck with a food processor, and it was green...not chili verde green...but bright, lawn clippings green! Not wanting to be rude...i tried it. As soon as it was in my mouth i wanted to spit it out, but of course i could not. I swallowed the foul mixture, somehow managing to not gag. For the rest of the day that taste lingered in my matter what else i ate,drank, how much gum i chewed, or how many mints i comsumed. It was only after i got home, brushed, flossed and mouth washed several times that the offending flavor was finally gone. Who ever decided this stuff was edible? Really? Now i can't even walk past the stuff in a grocery store with out wanting to gag! I feel better now! I love this site! Cilantro Haters Unite!