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A Story

I became aware of my cilantro "allergy"/deep-seated, pathological hatred rather gradually. Over the years in my early twenties during the salsa movement introduction I began to notice a steadily increasing bad reaction to the tast of something in the salsa dip and other Mexican-type foods. The final straw came when I visited a Mexican place with friends and ordered a dish that had raw cilantro as a garnish. Within two minutes of one bite I felt the most incredible discomfort, burning, stingy sensation along my jawline, throat, nasal passageways. My mouth watered dangerously and the inside of my throat felt as if it were swelling. I sat there trying to regain control and trying not to vomit or pass out. I have not intentially come near this horror show since (about 20+ years). I tell people/places I am allergic. It tastes like hell on earth in the guise of the worst dish soap + iron + acid I have ever experienced; to be honest but gross, vomit is preferable. I can spot it like a Great White can spot a juicy surfer on the Great Barrier Reef. When watching food channel or the like, my soul virtually cringes when some nutcase chops up this weed and adds it to a perfectly awesome sounding recipe!! I recall hearing Julia Child also detested cilantro, describing, as many seem to, it tasting like vile dish soap.
Cilantro haters: we are in great company!!!! I think this website should petition the FDA to require cilantro warning on food labels; this could truly kill someone in all seriousness.