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A Story

I will never, ever, ever forget my first taste of Cilantro. It was way back when I was a young girl of eight, an innocent child still, and my mother took me to a Russian friends place (near the Russian River in California of all places!). I don't remember the exact circumstances, but I found myself heaving and throwing up behind the friend's summer cabin and having a bad taste in my mouth that wouldn't go away. I do remember being a picky eater and trying to resist a strange looking soup with pearl barley in clear broth, with strange bright green leaves. As I had refused all other food, maybe I wasn't feeling well, but I was forced to eat the soup as it would be good for me! Well, HA-HA, it wasn' tasted like soap soup. (after reading other's descriptions of cilantro, I see why I balked at eating this dish and I've stayed away from eating soap soup ever since.) Russian food is great and I don't know where the cilantro derived from. Since then I've avoided cilantro, easily,until a few years ago when the country went cilantro crazy and not just in Mexican Restaurants. On a happier note, our local, wonderful Mexican restaurant in Makawao, Maui, called Polli's, stopped putting cilantro in their food. I complimented the server on their wisdom and it turns out that the owner despises the stuff! However, I still have misguided friends who try to sneak the stuff in the potluck dishes they make you try, for shame!