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A Story

It was in Portugal about 12 years ago at a restaurant. I ordered a sea-food + rice dish. It was looking great with that "green" on top, thinking it was parsley. I am the type of person who eats all kind of food, specially vegetables, salads, and all kind of green. I taste it, and then I had a strange feeling never felt before, a nausea feeling. I taste again and again and I just could with the taste. Then I try to take away some of that "green" and the taste wasn't so bad. Then I took a piece of the "green" and there it was. It was just like a vomiting herb. No way to remove all the pieces from the plate, there were all over. I call the waiter and asked what it was and she said to me it was "alantejala" or at least it sounded like that to me. Of course I will never forget that portuguese word, and my adversion to cilantro. Recently in a trip to Panama, where cilantro is in every dish, I found out that from a group of 10 we were 6 that we would rather starve than eat cilantro and another one wasn't very found of it. And I thought I was the only one in the World. Now at a restaurant I always say that I am a bad allergic to cilantro so not to put any, and it works.