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A Story

I was at a "hot spot" in Ann arbor, MI. The only items that looked good on the menu were the mexican items. There were no ingredients listed, no mention of cilantro in the description. For a long period of time, there was no cilantro. Cilantro is something that has become "cool" to put in your menu items. It may be that cilantro likers just like the name; or think that it is exotic. WELL..IT IS HORRIBLE. The worst plant, the worst ingredient, the worst food that I have ever tasted. Just a spec will ruin an entire meal. So, I got a bean burrito, and asked for no cilantro. It came back with cilantro hidden in the beans. I asked for another one without cilantro, it turned out that they it is mixed in the rice, the beans and the salsa...impossible!! I ate fries and have never been back since. I use to manage a Chipotle Mexican Grill. They put cilantro in their salsa, guacamole and rice. Some people would ask us to make to use the white rice behind the counter instead. I always sympathized. I use to prepare their cilantro with three times less cilantro than it called for...shhhhhh...don't tell. I use to have the prep people mix it without cilantro first and put a cup for me on the side. I actually think that I'm allergic....