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A Story

I will never forget the first time I tasted cilantro. I was 20 years old and was in Dallas eating downtown at a Mexican food restaurant. They brought out the chips and salsa and everyone decided to dig in. I LOVE me some chips and hot sauce... but one bite of this salsa-- and I KNEW something was wrong with it. It left me speechless it was so bad. My friends were carrying on eating the salsa and I told them not to eat it-- I was concerned for their health. I was certain the salsa they were serving us had spoiled or had something terribly wrong spilled in it! My friends said they LIKED the salsa! I was so confused! I said that I hated it-- and it was the worst flavor I had ever had in my life. They then broke the news: that flavor that I hated so much was cilantro.

NOW-- EVERYONE uses cilantro in everything! What is with this trend? 15 years ago it was not quite so common... but today? You can eat Asian, Mexican, Medditeranean-- you name it-- there is cilantro in it.

Who on earth could POSSIBLY think this stuff is edible?

EWWWWWW! I try to tell my friends that the stuff should not be fit for human consumption but everyone I know actually likes it! Cilantro is SO BAD that it merits me spending my precious time on this earth to read this site and contribute to it. I am glad I am in good company!