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A Story

I was a sophomore in college in Ann Arbor. It was late and I was starving. My roommate's girlfriend was cooking for all of us and was making cheese enchiladas. I thought to myself, "I love cheese. I love enchiladas. What could go wrong?" When I cut into the enchilada what poured out looked like pesto. It turns out that the recipe called for 1/4 cup chopped cilantro for the whole batch but instead she used 1/4 cup PER ENCHILADA. Since I had never been exposed to cilantro before I took a huge bite. When it hit my lips I knew something was wrong. Did she add dish soap to these enchiladas? Is there some sort of industrial paint stripping solvent in my Mexican food? Was she doing mechanical work on fuel lines before cooking? Of course, it was only the devil weed. Still to this day I cannot stomach the stuff. I am the guy at Chipotle that asks for the plain white rice that is hidden under the counter like some sort of bastard step child. However, thanks to good folks like you I can see that it is normal to hate cilantro with a furious passion normally reserved for animals dressed as humans and Buckeyes. Thank you fellow cilantro haters!