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A Story

On my thirteenth birthday my grandparents promised to take me out for dinner at a Thai restaurant-- spicy Thai food is my favourite! We went and ordered dishes and dishes of food to pass around, all delicious! Until I got to one noodle dish, there was a funny taste in it like soap and no matter how much I drank I couldn't get the taste from my mouth. It ruined the whole meal for me, and I never knew what the mysterious taste was, just passed it off as some strange Thai vegetable.

Last summer I ordered the Calamari at Olive Garden and it was delicious, orgasmic even! It came with two dipping sauces, and the one sauce? The strange, mysterious, disgusting flavour! What was this stuff?!?? I stuck to the second sauce and finished my meal pouting.

Today I decided to cook up a microwaveable bag of Chinese noodles and shrimp; I cooked it and it looked and smelled so delicious! until I started taking big bites, and eww! That nasty taste again! I looked through the ingredients and everything checked out to be normal except one thing: Coriander leaves! EWW! That has been the culprit this entire time! Now excuse me, this meal is delicious and I have a lot of cilantro to pick out.