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A Story

This is so funny...and validating! My wife thinks I'm exaggerating when I spout off on the vile weed. Well, now there's some justification for my ranting all these years.

I grew up in Southern California about 5 miles from the TJ border. I just about lived on Mexican food. I heard someone here state that they simply must have avoided it and to this I say bunk. It wasn't in there until the 1980's no matter what someone might say.

My first taste of it was in Thailand in 1981 while serving a mission for the LDS Church. There was a dish there that I tried and found that there was a specific taste that I simply could not tolerate. I didn't know what it was, but knew it was vile. Several months after tasting this same thing in a few other dishes, I finally bit down on a leafy substance and was able to pull it out of my mouth and ask someone what the HELL they were putting in my food? The term in Thai is "Puc-Chii" and literally translates to "Piss Weed"! No joke. So, for the remainder of my mission I had to make sure I said, "no piss weed" (in Thai of course) before I had specific dishes.

Once very late on a train, I ordered a dish that NEVER had "piss weed" in it so didn't even think to tell them not to put it in (like I should have to say this ever!). When it came back, it was green with it. It was late, I was broke, and so I decided to cut the food up in small pieces and swallow it without chewing. I could barely get it down even doing that...and went to bed.

About 6 AM I awoke realizing that I was about to hurl. You know how when you vomit you can tell what is making you sick and never want that food again....well, yep, it was "piss weed". How was it coming back up? To quote Jerry Seinfeld, "As good as it gets."

Upon my return home to the US, I started to taste this in Mexican food. I swear it wasn't in there before but now it's making its way into almost everything including guacamole! I'm not going crazy here. This should be a condiment and NOT put in anything. Have it on the table with Catsup, Mustard, Soy, Dill, and Piss Weed! If you want it, fine. There it is and you can ruin your food if that's what you want. BUT YOU'RE RUINING MY DINING BY MIXING IT IN THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!