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A Story

I'll try to tell you my story but just the thought of it makes my skin crawl. I went to a barbique at which was served a shrimp cocktail LOADED with, you guessed it, the-C-word. Well, one taste and pow! Sick to my stomach.

How dare they load up their salad with cilantro without the proper warning that the salad is fit ONLY for dogs and starving hyenas? That it contains a putrid, vile, green growth, masking itself as a...what? Spice? Herb? Garnish? (Oh... my skin in crawling...) Needless to say, since that day I cannot even walk by the offensive growth in the vegetable section of any store without experiencing some dizziness.

And still, to this day, I eat in restaurants that attempt to sneak the weed into my food unnannounced! Where is justice? Where?