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A Story

I forgave Martha, but never got over the cilantro.

I was a young-married-with-no-kids-type-gal back in the innocent 1990's. I read Martha Stewart Living faithfully and one summer afternoon I decided to try her recipe for grilled prawns with (gag) Cilantro dipping sauce. Not ONLY was the sauce 99% cilantro leaves (much like a pesto) but the shrimp were also coated in a cilantro paste before grilling - I had NO idea what I had gotten myself into. Being a naive newlywed, I had invited another married couple to dinner in our garden, as soon as the shrimp hit the grill I knew there was trouble a-brewin' - I smelled that distinctively stinky cilantro stank rising into the air - like a bad chemical burn singing my nostril-hair - EW - but I decided to stick with the program, after all, would MARTHA steer me wrong? NEVER!! So, the REAL kicker was tasting the shrimp AND dipping it into the disgusting cilantro stank sauce - OH THE HORROR OF IT ALL! I have never since eaten cilantro - if I see or smell it anywhere in my vicinity, I SHRIEK in HORROR and run away. Now, I'm allergic to shrimp (and I blame cilantro for that- I think it was the combination of the two that did me in) and I CLAIM to be allergic to Cilantro when I dine out - because I WILL have an allergic reaction if it gets near me - manifesting in very loud SCREAMS OF HORROR! Ew.