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A Story

I remember the first time I saw cilantro in the store. It was 1992.

I took it home and went to put it in the fridge. When I was closing the door of the fridge I could smell an unpleasant horrible soap like smell on my hands. I opened the fridge to check if it was the cilantro. I rubbed the hand on it and then smelled my hand. Yep. That was it.

Okay, so I went to wash my hands in the sink. I washed them with soap, dried them and started on with other work. I couldn't believe it, my hands still smelled of cilantro. I washed them again. They still smelled. Then I got lots of soap and finally, I think, the smell was gone.

Yeesh, I thought, that plant is EVIL, just pure evil.

It has just gone downhill from there, with many dishes ruined for me because of the surprise addition of cilantro. [It MUST be listed on the menu!!!!]

A year ago, I went to visit a new boyfriend and stay at his house. One of the lunches he made for me was a cilantro dish. Mostly cilantro. I didn't think to mention it, because it is the only food I hate and even at that, if people garnish dishes with it, I have become skilled at picking it off. But this was a cilantro pasta salad. Not wonderful pesto, but cilantro. He was really annoyed that he put time into making it and I couldn't eat it. It seemed as if I were the first person he had ever met who couldn't eat cilantro.

This week, I sent him the link to this site. No response yet.