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A Story

I've always despised eating cilantro/coriander for as long as I can remember. Here in Malaysia, it is also known as chinese parsley or "wan sui". But we just call it by its local Hokkien nickname, which translates to "smelly/stinky grass".

Probably my first encounter with it was at some Thai restaurant, where they garnished their dishes with raw sprigs of the vile herb. I abhor cilantro with every fiber of my being. The smell makes me shudder and the taste of it literally makes me gag till I'm on the verge of puking.

Fortunately, cilantro isn't too popular here and its use in Malaysian Chinese cuisine is not too extensive yet. The Thai, Vietnamese or Chinese dimsum restaurants however, are a major headache, since they tend to add cilantro to a lot of their dishes.

I'd have to order carefully and ask to make sure the food doesn't contain cilantro, otherwise I'll end up having to pick out as much of the chopped cilantro bits as possible (doesn't really work, cause once it has been added, the awful taste will just taint the whole dish).

A few of my friends think I'm over-reacting about my strong cilantro aversion and they actually gush about how they love its "delicious, fresh and interesting" taste. Urgh..."toxic" is how I would describe it.

Thank goodness my family unanimously shares my strong distaste for cilantro, so no problems there.