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A Story

There was always something in Mexican and Asian foods that I didn't like, but I never knew what it was until about 8 years ago. I was working in a natural foods store and one day I walked into the produce prep room and was instantly surrounded by this awful smell that made me gag. I asked what had happened and they just looked at me like I was crazy and said they were prepping the cilantro. I couldn't go anywhere near the room for the rest of the day as it lingered and made me nauseated each time I walked by. I can't walk past it in the store even now.

From then on I had a name to that dirty, bitter awfulness in some foods. I won't order anything from a restaurant that has cilantro in it and I won't let my husband buy it from the store. The worst part is, because I can pick around it in guacamole, my husband thinks I'm crazy/lying that I can't stand it.

Now that I found this site, I'm sending it to him so he sees I'm not alone. Thanks everyone!