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A Story

My first time (I'll try not to weep here) was when my dear Mama made tortilla soup for the first time. I think I was 10 or so. "Oh dear GOD, why does it taste so bad?" I asked. I was a polite child and never told my mom her cooking was gross, even if it was a little. This time however... "Maybe you don't like the cilantro," mused Dad. "I never used to like it either but it grew on me," he said.

It was years later before the Devil's Weed, as my sisters and I call it now, became all the rage. It was thanks to all those new-agey burrito places I think. When cilantro fever first gripped Denver where I live, I was eating in an upscale American place when I was served FRUIT SALAD covered in the horror. I told the waiter I was allergic to cilantro and could he please remove it at once! I was nicer than that, but really! Cilantro in fruit?? How far must these whacked out chefs go before someone puts a stop to this evil plant?