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A Story

I hate wasting food. In my opinion, wasting food, either by letting it spoil in the fridge, cooking something incorrectly rendering it inedible, dropping it in the dirt, etc, is akin to throwing money into the wind and walking away.

Today for lunch, I went to the local market, as I do a few times a week. They make good sandwiches, have a decent and varied salad bar, and prepare fantastic soups. Today, I decided I would have a cup of their delicious looking summer gazpacho to go along with my curry chicken salad sandwich. Little did I know that the dish soap soaked dirty gym rag that is cilantro was lurking in tiny pieces inside that soup.

When I got back to my desk and happily took my first spoonful of my cold soup, the stench of that horrorshow of a weed rapidly became unmistakable. It took all of my willpower to gulp down the vile brew before I spewed it all over my cubicle wall. Stubbornly, I decided I would try to power through the soup, as the idea of wasting money on nourishment angered me. I didn't want the cilantro to win, to take from me the pleasure of having a peaceful lunch! Alas, it proved too much for me. After five harrowing dips into that cardboard bowl of liquid Hell, I had to call it quits. I solemnly ate my sandwich, mourning the soup that might have been great, were it not for the inclusion of that wretched herb.

I can now only hope that when the janitor comes to empty my trash can later, he is able to do so without spilling that soup. I wouldn't be able to live if I knew that my discarded bio-hazardous soup affected an innocent soul.