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A Story

My first experience with this noxious greenery, I was maybe 20, and was trying a new mexican restaurant. I couldn't have told you what was in my food (soapily tainting every bite) then...and to be quite honest, I thought some idiot in the back had passed my food near a soapy sink and a slop of nasty water had hit it. You never know what is going on back there...obviously, I never went back. Fast fwd a couple years ago...I decide to try fixing something that called for cilantro. I bought some. As I opened the packaging and the reek hit my nose...I had a flashback to that mexican restaurant. Aha! I had identified the criminal!

And there is no avoiding it somehow. What is going on? The last 5 years or so, it seems cilantro is creeping into everything. Stop to grab a quick taco...there is as much cilantro as lettuce!! And you are starving and hate wasting money, so you choke it down. And you stare suspiciously at spring rolls...hoping and fearing that you won't run into your culinary nemesis...but "gotcha!" they sneak it in there somehow.

And trying to explain to people that cilatro tastes wrong to you, elicts strange looks the likes of a wildhaired nutjob sneaking out the backdoor of the asylum still wearing a straight-jacket would engender.

Stop the madness! A world full of savory spices and herbs, and everyone is suddenly gaga over this soapy weed? Give us a break!