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A Story

I'm Asian, but I never liked the taste of cilantro even when I was young. When I tasted it in my Mom's cooking, I always spit it out because it created this atrocious flavor in my mouth. My first REAL encounter with cilantro however, was at Baja Fresh in high school when I ate one of their burritos. I couldn't really taste it given there were so many other ingredients. About an hour later, I broke out in hives on my entire body. It turns out, I'm allergic to the damn weed.

My worst cilantro mishap happened just last night. My Mom bought crab-cakes for dinner. And she knows I'm allergic to cilantro so I assumed she wouldn't buy food with cilantro in it. Well, the crab-cakes had cilantro in them (and again, I couldn't taste it because of the Aioli sauce) and that night I had an allergic reaction which resulted in a 24hr headache, having difficulty breathing and "other" unpleasant side-effects.

I don't try to warn other's against cilantro, but everyone knows I loathe it. Most people actually understand my hate for cilantro and admit that it takes time to get used to the flavor. I will never get used to the flavor, nor will I ever. I love food, but I will ALWAYS hate cilantro and I always have even before I developed an allergy to it.