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A Story

I didn't want to hate cilantro. And it didn't used to be as popular as it is now. I guess it started for me back in the late 80s. I was growing an extensive herb and veggie garden, and I loved salsa and wanted to make it myself. Somehow the salsa in jars that says cilantro is an ingredient was never offensive. (Remember, this is back in the late 80s.) I lived and worked on a working horse farm at the time and was putting up fence that had been treated with creosote, so when I planted that cilantro plant for the first time, I blamed the offensive odor on my hands on the fencing I had been putting up. It wasn't until I actually tasted the herb the first time that I realized that it was the cilantro!

I was very sad, actually, since I love to grow and use culinary and medicinal herbs. But cilantro/coriander leaves have earned the top spot on my most hated/most repulsive plant food list. Whenever we had lunch catered in at work, when it was Baja Fresh or some local gourmet place, I'd never be able to partake because everything had cilantro. Just smelling it now is enough to make me ill.

And everyone thought I was strange for not liking it.

Glad to know I am not the only one.