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A Story

Here goes:
I was a senior in high school. I already knew that I disliked cilantro. It was the day before our winter formal, which of course meant that all of us that had been chosen to be on the court would be subjected to something humiliating. What we had to do was kind of a relay race wherein each person had to run up to a table and eat something really fast and then run back and tag the next person. Some people lucked out and got a spoonful of peanut butter....others weren't so lucky and had to drink clam juice. Of course I get up there and have to completely chew and swallow and large handful of EVIL CILANTRO.
I could barely do it. I had plug my nose and pretend my life depended on eating the crap.
That was in 1996 and to this day just the slightest whiff of it makes me gag.