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A Story

First off, let me say that I have been a lifelong hater of the evil demon weed known as Cilantro... I have felt so alone in California among all the wonderful Mexican food RUINED by this abomination. Now that I have found a community of people like me I feel vindicated! *sniff* Thank you! Now a quick one of the many, many cilantro stories I have to tell...

I was enjoying a nice weekend out in the country with some friends - swimming, nice wines, and of course, tons of great food. My girlfriend at the time knew I hated cilantro and kept it out of everything, but her "friend" made the main dish at lunch, and insisting "He's just being dramatic - I bet he won't even notice" apparently added a heaping bunch of finely chopped cilantro. Needless to say, I took one bite and my faced scrunched up in disgust... "I think there's CILANTRO in this!!!" I said as I spit out the bite into my napkin... I ate the side dish and bread for lunch.