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A Story

I started bumming around Mexico during summer vacations from High School and though I still love most anything Mexican and go there as often as I can, as a youngster I traveled on a budget which meant usuing public transport wherever it was available. I got used to most of the many distinct orders that you encounter in a big seething city like the Federal District, but I NEVER got used to the stench of cilantro. Homemakers with bunches of cilantro in their market bags, on busses and subway trains. Cilantro used as garnish even at breakfast. The absolute worst is pulling into the METRO station that serves the neighborhood with the ancient MERCED market where the noxious weed is delivered day and night by the truckload. Not only does the entire market, station and neighborhood reek, the nasty, scent of old rotting cilantro on a warm afternoon is enough to give you tourist nausea without ever partaking of a smidgin.