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A Story

I am 28 and so far have managed to never eat cilantro to my recollection. I mean I'm sure that I have somewhere, but either didn't notice or don't recall.

I recently went to a Vietnamese restaurant. I have never tried this type of food before. Most of the food I enjoyed very much. The meats were very good, the soup was great, and they give you this giant pile of various vegetables and roots to try with everything. There was a curious green plant that I thought looked very similar to parsley. It had and overwhelming flavor to it that permeated everything it touched. At first it wasn't bad, but as the meal progressed I started to dislike it immensely.

After learning what it was, I now will stay away from it forever. A day later I am still tasting it in my mouth, and it seems like my entire being is infused with the stuff. Nasty...