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A Story

I lived in Tokyo before I turned seven. Those were the only cilantro-free years of my life since Japanese people do not use the stinky weed. Shortly after my family moved to Taiwan, I smelled it. Id eat in the living room, which was in the opposite end of the house, every time my mother had cilantro in the kitchen. I can always smell it from afar. I can detect it from a sniff. I can detect it from one small bite if it was mixed with something. I have given up countless dishes and soup because they were contaminated with this deadly weed. My family moved to San Francisco area when I was thirteen. While I love all the ethnic food in the area, it seems there is no escape from the stinker. It is found in salsa, Indian dishes, Thai food, pho (Vietnamese noodle soup), Chinese dishes, etc. ERRRRRR

Most of people look at me like I am crazy when I try to pick out the green pieces floating in my soup. I know I am not crazy, and seeing this site is another proof that this green weed must be destroyed.