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A Story

I have always hated this vile, toxic, soap-tasting weed. Its unexpected appearance in delicious foods has ruined many a meal for me. None however, has been worse than the horror of what I experienced yesterday.

I am seven months pregnant and have been jonesing for a cheese quesadilla. Not just any quesadilla, but one from Muchas Gracias. My pregnancy cravings have been few and far between, but this was the real deal...I needed it bad. My husband brought home the normally delicious morsels, and as I took my second bite I tasted the bitter, soapy tang of cilantro and literally spit out the food. Opened the quesadilla to find a cilantro-filled pico nightmare that is still haunting me this morning. I felt betrayed; they'd never used pico in their quesadillas before! Damn you, Muchas...damn you and your pico.