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A Story

Every couple of months, our very large office will have a pot-luck lunch. A Vietnamese summer student brought salad rolls as her contribution on this one particular occasion.

The rolls were a big hit and were snatched up at a furious rate. I managed to elbow my way to the front of the line and grabbed the last said salad roll much to the chagrin of several co-workers. I held it up high celebrating as if I had won the lottery. I took a big bite of the roll in front of my salvating colleagues who watched as I spit the poisoned roll across the crowded room. I looked at the wretched half eaten item, tongue hanging from my mouth, burnt from being exposed to toxic weed. I walked over to the garbage, and slammed the remaining vile roll into the bottom of the can.

People who weren't able to get any of the salad rolls were upset at my "wasting" them. I told them, I simply saved their lives and there was no need to thank me.

Fortunately, that was the last time this disgusting stink weed has touched my poor taste buds, who have never been the same since.